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Social Media Privacy


governmentIn class I learned about how social networks taking our information, one social network that does this is Facebook. Facebook sells everyone’s information to advertising companies. Facebook also has ne the terms & agreement that they can take our information and forward it to the government. This information includes everything from inbox messages, everything that you posted, including the location, the time, the date, and more. It does not matter if you deleted your inboxes or posts, Facebook still has that information. Even if you delete your Facebook, your Facebook only goes into hibernation and if you want to sign back in you can and start where you left off at. This is just a easy way for the government to watch us, in my opinion this is an invasion of our privacy. At the same time this is a good thing because the government can track terrorists that want to attack us and put an stop to it before it happens. There are many positive and negatives things about this and there is no way to stop it because technology is only expanding day by day and the government ill just find more ways to watch us.