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Back to School


2014Hey I’m Yasmin Gamez and now attending Academy for Career Exploration as a Senior. I’m happy that I am a senior because it is my last year in high school and I finally get to graduate. I am also afraid because I know that senior year is the hardest year and I will have to do a lot of work. I was also afraid of having Ms. Burke because I have heard that she is a very strict teacher and gives you a lot of work and will fail you for any reason. When I had her class I ended up liking her and I also know that if I keep up with her work and don’t slack then I will pass her class. The things that I don’t like about senior year so far is the schedule change, we use to have only six periods and now I have eight classes. One thing bad about this is that they split the senior class into group A and group B and now I have thirty other kids with me in one class and it is very difficult to focus with that many kids in one class. Another reason why I don’t like this new change is because I don’t get to see half of the senior class because they split us into pathways. Other than that things are fine I have teachers that I am happy to have again like Ms.A, Mr. Andrade, and many others. Overall, i just hope I have a great year and I just hope that I get to graduate.